Saturday, 11 April 2015

Jaggie Jellies and Jack White

We're almost half way through the A to Z Blog Challenge and today's letter is the letter J.

Back in the wondrous eighties, the fashions were Fugly and Crazy. These Jelly Shoes were certainly no exception.  They came in any colour you wanted and because they were super cheap, you could afford to match your shoes to any colour outfit.  

There were a few things about these shoes that made them horrid.   They made your feet incredibly sweaty and stinky!  They also pinched your feet until you got blisters and came in various styles, sometimes with glitter.  You also got an awful tan from the lattice gross.  You could also get matching bags and belts!

Today's music feature is Jack White, back when he was half of The White Stripes with drummer and ex-wife, Meg White. My favourite band and my favourite artist...

In this track and video, Jack records on his couch while Meg sleeps.  Its a great melody and a sweet song.

We are Going to be Friends



Jo said...

Don't remember that fashion. Was it in Scotland or in SSA?

Click said...

Oh I remember jelly shoes. I was a deprived child and only had one pair (I think they were pink and glittery).

Your post reminded me of that awful sweaty feeling you'd get in the summer and your feet would slide around in them, hehe. Lovely.

Cait @ Click's Clan

betty said...

Visiting from A/Z :) I do remember those jelly shoes. I was an adult then with young children so I thought them a bit impractical, but colorful :)


judi said...

I am an 80's girl through and through, but I HATED those jelly shoes and I don't even think I owned a pair! so glad I found your blog! Love it! said...

I never really understood the appeal of jellies. Well, they are cute, though I heard they're not comfortable.

Great to see you again! Thanks for stopping by. Have fun with the rest of the Challenge, Daft Scot's Lass.

Mark Koopmans said...

all I can say is thank god I have never heard of jelly shoes!!!

Luana Krause said...

Jelly shoes! I do remember them. I still see them sometimes.

Cherdo said...

This is one of my favorite Jack White tunes...loved the movie Juno!


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