Thursday, 16 April 2015

Nifty Nanny. Oy vey!

Remember that Nanny named Fran who spoke through her nose and laughed like a hyena on acid?  Yeah, I loved that TV show too. 

I thought Fran was hysterical with her grumpy Yiddish grandmother, Nanny's short skirts, colourful wardrobe, big hair and opaque tights.  Oh she was soooo 90s and such a quirky character.  I loved that she sometimes looked directly into the camera when delivering one her of snappy sarcastic one-liners.  I love her Mum, who had even bigger hair than Fran, that was forever shovelling food in her face and that she believed Barbara Streisand walked on water.

I must admit the kids were annoying and so was Maxwell, but I enjoyed the butler's gags.  Nile and Fran always ganged up on CeeCee, ripping her apart and playing daft jokes on her.

Who was your favourite character in The Nanny?

Todays music is 90s boy band 'N SYNC.  Certainly not my favourite boy band, but they were extremely popular in the 90s.

Happy Listening.


Candice Petersen said...

I use to love watching the nanny!! so funny


Donna Davis said...

Hello. I have to say that I didn't watch too much of that show. I am a nanny myself and usually bust my bum so the show didn't seem too realistic to me. Also I couldn't handle the voice. After long hours of whining and such I could not add those vocals to the mix. I think she is a great actress and perfect for the part though. I am more of a modern day Mary Poppins :) Have a wonderful day!

Cherdo said...

That voice! I wonder what Fran sounds like at home? Does she really push the nasal on film??

Thanks for all the hard work and excellent posts that keep the A-to-Z going!

Cherdo said...

I loved that show, too :)

Just stopping by for A-Z

Mich said...

I have always envied her hair.

Niles was the best.


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