Monday, 6 April 2015

Eat My Shorts!

Happy Monday, Pretty Plonkers.

Today is the letter E for the 2015 A to Z Blog Challenge.

As you know my Nostalgic theme is two-part; the first part of the post will be something retro or vintage that I remember from my childhood, or something that I remember my mum and dad talking about or passing down to me.

Today's feature is ta-raaa - The Easy-Bake Oven.

What little girl in back in my time DIDN'T have an Easy Bake Oven? And let me tell you, if you didn't own one, you were cramping your fingers writing countless letters to Santa begging him to bring you one.  It was every wee lassie's dream.

Many hours were spent playing with the oven, but when your mixes and accessories ran out it was pretty much useless.

Today's nostalgic tune is the 80s duo of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart in the Eurythmics.  They had plenty hits but this one is pretty catchy.  Enjoy and sing along! 


Nagzilla said...

It's funny, I always forget about that song because they never play it on the oldies station (which, omg, the songs of my high school years are on oldies stations? wtf happened?!?) but this is one of their better ones.

And the Easy Bake oven was one of my favorite toys. So awesome.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Regular mixes didn't work in it? Bummer.

Tami Von Zalez said...

Yes I had an easy bake oven. A fun toy! Glad you joined the challenge again this year.
Give me a visit

Sunni said...

Ah, the easy bake oven. I wonder if they were around in the 50's. We never had any of that sort of thing growing up because there were too many of us to keep up with, I guess, and we lived on a farmer's income.

But we did make mud pies and used an old cast iron fryng pan to cook them in out in the sun.


Mich said...

I spent a good chunk of my childhood BEGGING my parents for one of those ovens. I never got one. Lil Sis got one for her 5th birthday (without even asking for one, apparently I am not the favourite). But I was still SUPER EXCITED to bake mini desserts in it.

They were disgusting.

Susan Oloier said...

I've been very nostalgic lately, so I'm so happy to come across your blog. Yes, I had an Easy Bake oven. But I think my cakes were always underdone.


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