Thursday, 23 April 2015

Under The Bramble Bushes

Remember clapping this Playground Classic?

My sister and I used to do clapping games at lightning speed - I still do it with my lassies too.

Under The Bramble Bushes
Under The Sea
Boom, Boom, Boom
True Love for me, my darling
True Love for you.
And When we Marry,
we'll raise a family.
Under The Bramble Bush...

We used this and other songs for clapping and skipping games too.

I loved skipping (with double ropes too) and Chinese ropes (which was just a bunch of elastic bands joined together).  You and a friend stood face-to-face about four feet from one another, hooked the elastics around your ankles and the person playing the game jumped in and out and on the elastic bands in time to the syllables of the song.

Not last night but the night before
24 robbers came knocking at my door,
I ran out, (run out of rope), to let them in, (jump back in)
and this is what they said to me :
Spanish dancers do the splits, (jumper doing the commands after each)
Spanish dancers do the kicks,
Spanish dances turn around,
Spanish dancers touch the ground,
Spanish dancers get out of town, (run out of rope, end of turn) 

 and loads of  risqué ones too

When Suzy was a school girl, she said miss, miss I can't do this I've got my knickers in a great big twist.  When Suzy was a teenager ... She said "ooh, ah I've lost my bra, I've left my knickers in my boyfriend's car".

I much preferred playing marbles in the dirty with the boys though.

Today's musical interlude is my favourite band as a teenager. I was so much in love with Paul Hewson aka Bono and had all their records.


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