Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Linolium is Like So Hot Right Now!

Remember those awful sixties and seventies linoleum kitchen floors?  It was dead trendy at the time, but looking back, those patterns were like a frikken eye test.

Gosh, they were uglier than a bag full of arseholes.

My folks used to change our linoleum at least every year.  I guess my mum loved keeping up with the trends...or is that keeping up with the Jones'?

For those of you who don't remember what lino is, it's a floor covering made from solidified linseed oil, pine rosin, ground cork dust and wood flour.  Rolls of lino come in thousands of different patterns and colours.  Seems like the majority of the sixties designs were vomit coloured.

Do you remember putting on your fluffiest socks and sliding along the linoleum floor?  It was a blast!   Happy Times.

I also remember sitting at the kitchen table, my mum nagging us to eat our vegetables and, to pass the time, I counted the blocks in lino.  It takes me back in time to when my mum cooked us Mince 'n Tatties and always seemed to burn the tatties.  When I went to someone else's house to eat the same dish, I was always surprised to not taste the burn.  My mum never watched Martha Stewart, or owned a cook book!  Bless her!

Today's musical interlude is Led Zeppelin.  I adore Led Zep, they made some brilliant music and both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are legends!  In my opinion, they weren't the best at playing live but Robert made up for it with his on-stage performance and charisma.



Andrew Leon said...

I think my grandparents (on my dad's side) had that pattern on the left.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Vomit colored. That's an accurate description. And sometimes, the shag carpet matched.


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