Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Spongeworthy Seinfeld and a Velvet Scrunchie

It was the nineties and Seinfeld was huge!  It was a really funny family weekly sitcom that was a massive success.

Who was your favourite Seinfeld character?

Elaine was always my favourite.

She's gorgeous, sassy, selfish and incredibly self-righteous.  I just love her signature "Get Out!" shove, and all of them never changing their ways - never learning from their mistakes.

It was a brilliant show and never lost its edge.  They made it on the cover of Time magazine and won countless awards.  It was actually embarrassing watching the Award shows in the 90s , because Seinfeld always pretty much cleaned up!

Scrunchies were also massive in the 90s and every girl had at least two or three of them. Some lassies were lucky enough to have one in every colour to match every outfit.  Some lassies were even smart enough at sewing to make their very own scrunchies from old dresses and t-shrits  (how very Blossom of them).  I was never very good at sewing.  I still suck at sewing and making stuff....och, in I'm shite at anything crafty.  My stuff is usually featured on those sarcastic "Nailed It" posts on Pinterest.

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judi said...

I liked the Seinfield show, but was not a loyal "I have to watch every episode" fan and as a matter of fact, saw most of the shows I've seen on reruns. I liked all of the characters, Elaine and George were my favs. But my favorite episode was when Kramer gave a boy in the hospital the birthday card George got all the Yankees to autograph for Steinbrenner and had to get the card back! -


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