Saturday, 24 December 2011

A Pair o' Jaggie Pockies

A True Christmas story.

I shite you not.

My Aunt Jan and Uncle Robert got married really young and she wasn’t the most domesticated goddess under the sun, in fact, she was pretty useless in the kitchen and even more hopeless at homemade crafts – but hell, did she try really hard!

When we still lived in Scotland, every Christmas my sister and I used to get showered by gifts by all our family. I mean TOTALLY spoiled. We used to spend half the day opening gifts! It was completely insane.

Let me set the picture for you. I have quite an extensive extended family in Scotland. My dad is a family of four siblings and my mum is from a family of 6 siblings. Hence, we had 10 aunties and uncles who spoiled us broken at Christmas time (that’s not including grandparents, cousins and plenty family friends).

Anyway back to Aunt Jan…because she married my Uncle Robert so young, they really didn’t have much money and so when Christmas time came she spent countless hours making everyone home-made gifts and, bless her, they weren’t really, well lets put it this way…you used it or wore it once and then it accidentally fell into the back of your cupboard, never to be seen again.
I will never forget this one year, Aunt Jan knitted my sister and I pockies (you would probably know them as mittens). She must’ve bought the scratchy wool at the local 10p bargain bin store because the wool was a mucky blue colour and had the texture of fucking Grade A steel wool. 

Awww her heart was in the right place. She’d even embroidered teeny weeny yellow and white flowers and a leaf on the top side on the pokkies. Not only that, she even used to make her own homemade Christmas wrapping paper and tie it with recycled string or ribbon. So you now you understand - a lot of effort and preparation went into her Christmas gifts.

So, I opened her pockies on Christmas morning and tried them on. One hand fitted beautifully but the other hand’s thumb was sticking straight up in the air. Och, bless her, Aunt Jan had gotten the pattern wrong and knitted two mittens but they were the SAME HAND! Two right hands. This meant that the pretty embroidery was on the top of the right hand and on the palm side of the left hand (the only way you could wear them to make the thumbs fit). My mum still made us wear them but only once, to visit Aunt Jan's house.

This wasn’t the only gifts Aunt Jan made us that were crooked or mismatched…one year we got little knitted waist coats which were actually dead cute - however, the buttons didn’t match up with the button holes and one side was longer than the other. Another year we got knitted jumpers with cut out felt Santas on the front and one sleeve was longer than the other and slipped stitches magically appeared when you put it on.

The point I'm trying to make is…who cares what the gift is or what it looks like or even if its a little lopsided – she spent loads of her time and effort making these wonderful gifts that contained truck loads of love. The point being, she thought of us when she made these gifts and that's why I'll NEVER forget them.

I miss getting gifts like this. I don’t mean gifts that you throw in the cupboard and hopefully never see again. I’m talking about gifts that someone has put their heart and soul into. It is so easy these days to go to the shops and buy something last minute and not put any thought whatsoever into it. That's so impersonal.

I’d rather receive Aunt Jan’s jaggy pockies any day.

I only wish I’d kept those pokey pockies as a treasured possession. They were so unique and so very special.

Thanks Aunt Jan, wherever you are!


Bouncin' Barb said...

What a sweet story. She sounds like she was a real sweetheart! Thanks for sharing it.

Meghan @JaMonkey said...

I agree, the thought that someone even wanted to give me a gift makes me happy! Happy Holidays

YeamieWaffles said...

That's such an awesome story, the point you're trying to make is so true, effort is the factor that matters the most at the end of the day, have an excellent Christmas guys, your aunt sounds like she was quite the lady!

Twisted Mummy said...

Oh those are the best presents. I'm getting home baked cookies from my boys. I know because they are in see through bags that say "don't peek until Christmas"... LOL. Those are the best. Happy Holidays.

Melanie said...

That is such a sweet story...thank you for sharing!!

duncanr said...

Like your tale - minded me of my own childhood xmas pressies. For years, me and my wee sister used to get the same pressie every xmas - a knitted balaclava and a jumper from my mum. The balaclavas were generally OK but the jumpers often had one sleeve slightly longer than the other. One xmas, however, she really messed up the jumpers. They were meant to be polo necks. Did I mention that she didn't work to a pattern ever but would hold the needles with the jumper she was knitting up against our bodies and judge by eye whether it was long or wide enough? She had never made a polo neck jumper before. Using her usual technique, she held the jumpers up against us to get an idea of how wide our necks were and then knitted a 'tube' of that width to form the polo neck. What she had forgotten, as became apparent when ma sister and me tried to don the jumpers on xmas mornings was that our heads were wider than our necks. I'll leave you to imagine the scene as we ran round the room with our new jumpers over our head, our arms in the sleeves, unable to see a thing,trying to force our heads through the polo neck, crashing into things and each other and giggling all the while. It was the last xmas she knitted us a jumper !!!

Mynx said...

Lovely Christmas memories. Thank you for sharing

Cyn said...

wow that was just lovely -- thanks for sharing & really putting what this holiday season should be into perspective!

you rock luvie -- but we all knew that already!

merriest holiday to you & yours!


Mike Smith said...

Merry Christmas, Gillian. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful tales in 2012.

Not So Simply Single said...

Ahhhh, so sweet!

Merry Christmas Gillian!

Or as they say in Hawaii,
Mele Kalikimaka!



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