Monday, 5 December 2011

Fifth Day of Christmas - Blogfestivus

On the 5th Day of Christmas my true love sent to me ...

....5 Gold Rings

Well, I have other rings...erm things in mind for MY 12 Days of Christmas.  Oh yeah, you Plonkers know what I'm talking about.  Good old fashioned filthy porn!  

We couldn't....correction... I couldn't have 12 Happy Days of Christmas without a good fat chunk of porn.   

Gosh, this wee song of mine has taken many twists and turns, hasn't it just indeed.  Och aye, just the way I like it.  It wouldn't have "A Daft Scots Lass" stamp of approval if there wasn't as wee bit of saucy shoved into the pie.

Hence, the song continues to flourish and mutate its own swagger...

"5 Gigs of Porn
4 Liverpool Blokes
3 Brontë Sisters
2 Jimmy Choos
And Jamie Oliver's Satay Chicken on a Stick"


CheesyDoug said...

You have to be more specific. "Porn" doesn't tell us anything. Soft core? Hard core? Elderly and midgets? College girls and kitchen utensils? Cops and cloistered nuns? Brides and transvestites? Or something really weird, like man-on-top-in-missionary-position?

Jene said...

Really, who DOESN'T want a stocking full of porn for christmas?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It's true - if you want to follow a successful trend, follow the porn.

Copyboy said...

No comment on the gigs of porn. haha

Ryan said...

Wee baby Jesus would be spinning in his grave...if he had one!!!

Fucking brilliant

The Glebe Blog said...

Camel Toe !
'Five gigs' can read 'Give figs',that could affect your Five Gold Rings.

middle child said...

I tried to email and I don't think it worked. Here's my email -

Winner. Winner. Chicken Dinner!

blogdramedy said...

Wow...Christmas porn. A new genre of festival films. :-)

SteveB said...

I'm not sure which is more disturbing, the way your song is taking shape, or that gif... :)

Donna Hole said...

I love how this song is "evolving".

Hi Lass :)


Lindsey said...

just read a greeting card that said, "Santa Claus is coming to hide your porn." Loved this one!

bill lisleman said...

Wow now I'm wondering what the pipers are going to be piping?

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@CheesyDoug Hard Core BDSM Midget Porn, what else?

@dhole @Jene @Alex AMEN!

@Ryan *high fives*

@The Glebe I'll stick with 5 Gigs

@middlechild I'm emailing you NOW!

@blogdramedy you know it, Sista!

@SteveB acting all coy will NOT get you all the girlies, SteveO

@bill lisleman you'll have to wait and seeeeeee

@Lindsey Dirty ol' Santa!!


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