Friday, 30 December 2011

Featured Friday Follower

I haven't done Friday Follower in a while.  I have a brilliant Guest Post from Rooikat.  Enjoy!

Salut à tous! My name's J a.k.a Rooikat. I'm a crazy ginger ninja, currently in France. My first blog feature!? Eeeek! I feel honored! A Daft Scots Lass found me during a Bloghop, and the pleasures of finding another crazy ginger ninja across the ocean, in SA, my home turf, made me jump with glee!
I first started up my blog back in January, when I headed over to France for research, now procrastinating and unable to finish a thesis, I’m back. Rooikat’s back. Living it up in Normandy, where cows are everywhere, the cider is flowing, apples are readily available in every size and form, and the rain comes down thicker and more sideways than a classic August day in Kaapstad.
Being so far away from home, any reminder of SA: a postcard, a youtube video, an accent, makes me smile! I often say something, or unintentionally do something, and get strange strange looks in reply and I giggle thinking: ah, being south african abroad. No-one gets it, but singing  "Tennisballe, krieketballe snoekerballe as jy wil!"   in the res parking lot with a gorgeous Italian man at 2am in the morning is just one of those priceless moments.
Living abroad is great! Everyday I try do something new and awkwardly tourist like. I attempt to not eat too many croissants, teach useful English phrases to my kids, and slowly but surely conquer the French language. A glass of vino helps! In all 3 cases :)
French, the language of looooove. Paris je t’aime! Everyone knows at least some French. «Bonjour», «Au revoir»....Its so sexy and romantic. Right?! We’re all mostly likely to have seen some French film, and swooned over *insert any man* with a sexy French accent. They are  all charming, witty and seductive non? Ah, ma chérie! All bad stereotypes aside, France is a great country, and French is an awesome language! You can say the most random thing, and it sounds perfect. Romantic and dreamy :)

In a Daft Scots Lass' «Not for the feint-hearted or Plonkers that are offended by four-letter words» style, I find it most appropriate that I impart a bit of my French knowledge with you.

But there is really only 1 word you need to know. Yes, that right plonkers. Only 1 word. Your dreams to fly to Paris, see the Eiffel Tower, and wine and dine on cheese and baguettes CAN become a reality! Forget expensive French classes. There is only one word you need to get your French on....

I hope you guys will visit J and leave her a comment or five and follow her wee bloggy. Have a great weekend!


YeamieWaffles said...

I love the idea of featured follower and I love the writing in this. I need to check out this blog you've shared!

Slamdunk said...

Ha, sounds entertaining and I am on the way over.

In the meantime, I hope you and the family have a nice New Year.

bailey j said...

i LOVE your blog! thanks for visiting mine. that video made me laugh at the end of the guest post. i feel that way about the word fuck in english.. you can put any tone on it and it makes sense to just say it ahah.


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