Sunday, 14 July 2013


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Today Post : Tell us about your birth marks, scars tattoos, piercings.

I have had most of my birth marks removed.

I had a nasty mole on my face, which I had removed a couple of years ago and I did blog about it.  

I always worried about it and finally had it removed when I knew it was getting bigger.

Tongue Piercing
I love body art and I have six tattoos. 

A friendship tattoo on my shoulder blade (my bestie has an identical one), a spider on my foot, a Chinese symbol on my neck, my girls' names on my wrists and a garden half-sleeve in progress.  

I also have a tongue piercing, which I remove from time-to-time, as my mood changes and plenty scars.
Friendship Tattoo with my BFF


Mo said...

ooh not for me I'm scared of needles

Rick Watson said...

I have a tattoo on my shoulder that I got when I was in the army.
Fun post

Paula said...

Cool! My bestie and I were always talking about getting tats together. Sadly she died a few years ago and we never went ahead with it.

Flora said...

I love the tattoos on your wrists, and your friendship tattoo is cute.

grins said...

I have no skin on my back that isn't colored, tats down to my short sleeves on both upper arms one on my calf and one on the inside of my forearm. (I was drunk for two years once) I consider it the dumbest thing I have ever done in my life.

Cristy S said...

I love the idea of a friendship tat. My sister wants to get sister tattoos that match. I love your girls names on your wrists. Good call on getting the mole removed.

Sandy said...

Probably a good idea to have that mole removed if it was changing,better to be safe then sorry. People don't dye from tats, but, wanted to do a mini follow up....The blog post I wrote about tats goes into details folks about how the parlors are in fact not licensed, and not regulated and therefore not inspected depending on what state you live in. All states vary, and it's because of not being licensed or regulated and blood born pathogens that The Red Cross has regulations. In recent years they've loosed them a bit, so it's important to know what the laws if any apply in your state. My state is one where you don't have to be licensed which franky is cause for some alarm. Beauticians who don't deal with blood are regulated, doesn't make sense to me that those who do tats aren't.


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