Monday, 1 July 2013

Let the Bullshit commence...

This Week's Theme is Funny Songs.  

So, go link up with my pal, Xmas Dolly, and share your favourite funny toonz.

I've been following this bloke since I joined YouTube way back  in the day.  I've always enjoyed his channel and his songs - the hot, funny and talented Ray William Johnson


Star Wars Acappella

Remember to pop back tomorrow for Caption my Photo Competition.


stevebethere said...

Heheheh! fun choices

have a funtastic week ahead ;-)

The Glebe Blog said...

I well remember Purple People Eater. It was a big hit in Springfield near Cupar in Fife back in the days.

Billy's Cripple Creek's a cracker.
There's a great bit of music available on line. It's Shoeshine Boy by the Humblebums, that's Billy and Gerry together in the early days.

Cathy Kennedy said...

LOL - lovin' all these great hilarious tunes! You def made me smile this morning. :D

Marie Moody said...

Well, I knew some of those! bwahahahha & I haven't heard Purple People Eater in like forever. Great choices my friend. We've got your summer now I guess. It's our turn, but I'd rather have the cold weather most of the time anyway! Hugs & thanks for sharing! Hugs.

Lucy said...

Doin' your Mom cracks me up and Of course love the classic Purple People Eater but wow I really enjoyed that Star Wars A Capella, peoples imaginations and talents intrigue me.

Have a wonderful week :)

Lucy from Lucy's Reality

Naila Moon said...

O I am totally having a good-laughing time with your page today. I loved the Star Wars one. Great stuff!!
btw-WARM UP!
~Naila Moon

Rory Bore said...

HA!! Love your choices!! That Star Wars one is genius and funny. Love the Parent Rap one -- I remember seeing that awhile back. And BILLY!!!! awesome


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